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Dr. Mostafa Madkour

Dr. Mostafa Madkour is the Founder and CEO of Madkour Group.

  • Dr. Mostafa had his B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering & Machines” from Cairo University.
  • Dr. Mostafa earned his M.Sc. degree in “Electrical Power & Machines” from Cairo University.
  • Dr. Mostafa received his Ph.D. in “Electrical Power & Machines” from New York University.
  • Also, Dr. Mostafa is PMP Certified from the Project Management Institute.

Electricity in Egypt: “From Crisis into Phenomenon"


TFrom 2011 to 2013, and due to the political and economic turbulences back then, the electricity demand overcame the generated capacity. Egypt suffered the toughest Electricity shortage crisis in its recent history.

By 2014, the political leadership has placed the issue of electricity as its first priority and considering the provision of electricity as a matter of national security, and what happened next is a Phenomenon by all means.